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Europäische Vereinigung der Hausärzte (UEMO)


Die Europäische Vereinigung der Hausärzte (UEMO) ist die Interessenvertretung von Allgemeinmedizinern und Hausärzten in Europa. Derzeit hat die UEMO zwanzig Mitgliedsstaaten, die durch staatliche Gesundheitsbehörden und/oder die jeweiligen Hauptinteressenvertretungen der Hausärzte repräsentiert werden.

Hauptanliegen der UEMO sind sowohl die Förderung höchster Standards der medizinischen Ausbildung, der hausärztlichen Praxis und der Versorgung der Patienten im Bereich der Allgemeinmedizin in Europa, als auch die Stärkung der Rolle der Allgemeinmediziner in den europäischen Gesundheitssystemen.




Minutes of the Board Meeting





                   Dr. Ferenc Hajnal, President     

                   Dr. Nena Kopcavar Gucek, Vice-President

Dr. Joseph Portelli Demajo, Vice-President

                   Dr. Aldo Lupo, Vice-President, not present

Dr. Francisco Toquero, Vice-President

Dr. Sándor Balogh, Treasurer

Dr. Renata Papp, Secretary General

Dr. Krisztina Pál, Executive Secretary

Ms. Marie-Christine Bonnamour, Policy Advisor


Opening of the Meeting

President Hajnal welcomed Board members attending the meeting.


Approval of the Agenda

The Board Meeting Agenda was approved unanimously.


Approval of the Minutes from the Board Meeting Budapest 28 Sept 2012

The Minutes were approved unanimously.


Review of the Minutes from the General Assembly, in Madrid 9-10 June 2012

The Minutes were approved unanimously.


Agenda of the General Assembly in Berlin 2012

Board recommended assigning special time frame to the discussion about recognition of the specialty during the program on Saturday.

Following the strategy about the process of recognition of family medicine as speciality, board agreed on writing two draft letters, one to be addressed to the MEPs, the other one to the National contact points. Senior policy advisor suggested having a homogenous approach by the countries taking the decision to go via MEPs or via National contact points in order to be effective.


Update on the procedure for the admission of a new member according to the UEMO statutes

Two organizations (Romanian College of Physicians and Romanian Association of GPs) applied from Romania to become members of UEMO. Romanian Association of GPs has participated at two previous UEMO GA meetings, for the other applicant (Romanian College of Physicians) the GA in Berlin is going to be the first one. According to the statutes, the single most representative organization, who should assure that delegation is representing all GPs in country, could be member of UEMO. Board agreed on let the two applicants present themselves and raise the issue to the GA.The Romanian membership fee was calculate: 2 130 EUR.

Board suggested that France needs to be contacted by Dr. D. Widmer.


Update on the TELL ME Project and SMART Tender

TELL ME progress meeting was organized at Rome on 9th November. President Hajnal represented UEMO and presented the updates on focus group discussions organized till date. TELL ME project coordinator expressed the needs to include a French-speaking country and a Nordic country. Belgium and Lithuania were proposed by UEMO. UK, Italy Romania, Hungary finished the task, participation of Slovenia is pending.

Regarding SMART tender, Block de Ideas has contacted UEMO member organizations involved during Madrid meeting.


Update on the Senior Policy Advisor?s activities

A written report was sent. There were no comments arisen.


Representation at other meetings

Dr. Ferenc Hajnal, President made his report about participation at the meeting of the Association of Turkish GPs, and TELL ME meeting. The upcoming meetings are CPME and EMOs? presidents meeting.

Dr. Nena Kopcavar Gucek, as liaison of UEMO to EMA, mentioned that financial reimbursement scheme needs to be clarified and ask Secretariat to fill up a form to express UEMO willingness to participate in EMA meetings.

Dr. Joseph Portelli Demajo represented UEMO at EMA meeting about preparation for marketing of new insulin.


Financial Matters

Treasurer reported that the expenses are kept on budget. Some countries have not paid their shares, but a new reminder went out.


Any Other Business

There were no matter arisen.

President closed the meeting.


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Bericht über die Generalversammlung der UEMO am 19. bis 21. April 2007 in Lissabon


Wie stark die Hausärzte in Deutschland von europäischen Richtlinien betroffen sind, hat sich gerade wieder beim diesjährigen Deutschen Ärztetag gezeigt, wo die Frage, ob es den Facharzt für Innere Medizin ohne Schwerpunkt in Deutschland geben muss, insbesondere vor dem Hintergrund der Europäischen Richtlinie, diskutiert wurde.

Lesen Sie dazu den Bericht über die Generalversammlung der UEMO.






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